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Paintings. Illustration. Graphics.

Bold, modern acrylic painting with dash of luxurious gold leafing describes my artwork. Taking cues from my surroundings in nature in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I paint plenty of flowers, greenery, trees, birds, butterflies, and other local creatures. My goal is to bring a depth and a richness to the canvas, so it feels organic and timeless. I also absolutely love painting pet portraits and am open for commissions if you have an idea for a custom painting.


Starting with deep, high-quality canvases, I build my image from the bottom up, in layers of texture and color. Impasto, thin glazes, and detailed brushwork combine in the finished product. Thin sheets of gold, silver, and copper are applied to the surface, and then often distressed to create a patina.


Beginning in 2016 I started working in watercolor and gouache. I can't get enough of the versatility of the medium and it has inspired me to paint sunsets, women on the beach, urban buildings and more.


I just love creating hand-drawn illustrations, incorporating pen and ink as well as watercolor and digital processes for commercial work. Please contact me below for inquiries regarding commercial illustration.


I've been working in graphic design over 17 years, wearing many hats in web design, interactivity, branding, motion graphics and animation. Oh how the web has changed since 2001 when I graduated with a BA from UCLA design. These days you can find me with the fantastic marketing crew over at Communify.


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